[English version] Talk ‘Educational communities, nature and technology’

The talk features Áxel Pena López, co-founder of the voluta.coop work cooperative, dedicated to carrying out projects for territorial revitalisation
and socio-educational innovation to address three challenges: rural depopulation, the digital divide and disconnection with nature. Recover the conference here: 00:00 → Presentation of the EAT:LIFE project. 04:46 → Presentation by Áxel Pena López. 29:46 → Q&A and closure. Visit the web portal https://eat-life.fundesplai.org to consult more information about the project. The EAT:LIFE project has received funding from the LIFE program of the European Union. The contents of this activity are the sole responsibility of Fundesplai and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the EU.